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ABOUT Little City Roofing

Little City Roofing is proud to be an industry leading roofing company in both Nevada and California. We take every measure to provide you with the best roofing services out there, build or repair, residential or commercial – we seek to provide the best experience for you as a customer. No matter whether you need a roofing installation, repair, or replacement service, our contractors will make sure to serve you with the highest level of service possible at either our Reno office or Sacramento offices. Our goal is to provide you with a long-lasting roof and a pleasant experience. We will treat your roof & home (or business) with the care and attention that it deserves. We use top-notch roofing materials and advanced technological tools to make sure your roof is strong, reliable, and will provide you with great safety and protection from the elements.

When we offer roof installation services, we also offer strong warranties with it. We trust the services that we provide, we guarantee that our services will last and give you superior protection at an affordable price point. We have a team of contractors who specialize in all areas of roofing services from repair to installation. All contractors are fully licensed and have proven experience of working superbly in the roofing industry. You can trust them to enter your house, and serve you with our high quality and expedicious roofing services. Our staff is very friendly, ready & willing to listen to all your requirements, and goals with a smile on their face.

We are not limited to one type of service only but provide a variety of services. Even in our roofing installation service, we provide our customers with different types of roofing options to choose from. We provide a variety of roof repairing services for all types of roofing issues whether big or small, home or commercial. We strive hard to provide you with a sturdy, reliable, and safe roof for your house or business. So, next time whenever you need a roofing service, whether installation or repair, whether for your house or commercial building, make sure to contact Little City Roofing – the premier roofing contractors in reno nv as well as Sacramento Ca.