Commercial Storm Damage Plainfield

Torrential rains, high winds, tornadoes, snow, and lightning could potentially damage the roof of your commercial property. Old roofs and those with visible signs of decline are more adversely affected by these extreme weather events. Damaged roofs can ruin your stock, interrupt your operations, or expose weaknesses that could encourage theft. Roof storm damage repair becomes an emergency in these situations if the business is to have continuity.

Call a roofing company following a heavy consequential storm or when the signs of damage become apparent, such as leaking. Many roofers offer a free consultation to explain the extent of the damage and suggest replacement or repair based on their findings. This obligation-free inspection increases your awareness of the situation and prepares you for the work and expenditure that lay ahead.

Repair services

Our Plainfield IL commercial storm damage repair covers various types of weather damage, including:

Hail: Hail damage is usually subtle. When the hailstones are larger than half an inch, an inspection is needed to assess the effects. They may cause dents or chips in your roof and damage your vents and exhaust caps.

Wind-Wind damage is similarly hard to identify because the damage could be underneath the roof. Visual indicators include bent metal, shingle gaps, or roof tiles on the ground. Wind continually weakens roofing components, so we encourage routine inspections.

Snow damage: The weight of snow can compromise the integrity of your roof. In heavy enough snowstorms, the snow can cause your roof to cave. A thorough annual inspection every spring is essential in averting future disasters.

Lighting: While lightning strikes are uncommon, those that occur on your commercial roof may be hard to notice. They leave a black mark upon contact, and these can be weak points that allow water to seep in.

Rain- Rain is the most common element and makes up why the average storm damage contractor in Plainfield is contacted. The first indicators of water damage are stains on walls and ceiling. Unaddressed, the damage leads to mold, weakening structures, and high humidity in summer, which can negatively affect your merchandise.

Insurance Coverage for storm damage

To fix the roof after storm damage in Plainfield, IL, out of pocket is to accept a substantial financial hit. It is why many business owners have the foresight of getting commercial property cover or any general liability insurance. When you contact your insurance, they will send an agent to your property for an inspection. We like getting involved at this point to work with your provider to ensure they appreciate the true extent of the damage. With your permission, we can take over the claim process and relieve the hassle and headache of the paperwork and follow-ups. We take time to invest in a relationship with you, so we understand your expectations and work to meet and exceed them.

In addition to the roof, we also do siding storm damage repair. We undertake these and other roofing tasks ensuring only the highest quality materials are used to deliver the best end-product. A warranty backs up our work for both materials and craft.

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Commercial Storm Damage Plainfield

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