Roofing Repair Fort Lauderdale

Every homeowner will get to a point where they have to decide between replacing and repairing the roof. There is a lot to think about when you face a significant decision that could increase or reduce the home’s value and ensure long-term safety. An instance is you may view a hole as a significant fundamental defect, whereas the Fort Lauderdale roofing experts could repair all holes and give the roof five more years of excellent service.

How to know when to repair roofing in Fort Lauderdale

Minor damage

Do you have minor roof issues that are limited to spall areas? The specialist will help you fix these isolated damages to the otherwise healthy roof. Some common minor issues are holes, bending shingles, or discoloration. Our simple repair will save you thousands of dollars and give you an accurate forecast of when you should call roofing contractors in Ft. Lauderdale for roofing repairs.

Tight budget

The option to repair the roof is excellent when you need to save thousands instead of replacing the entire roof. Regardless of your financial situation, you will only use a couple of hundreds and postpone a complete roof overhaul for a couple of months or years.  

Recent replacement

The best option to get the most from a recent replacement is to repair minor issues. It is essential to bear in mind that most homeowners only buy a roof once or twice throughout their stay in the home. Therefore, it is unnecessary to replace a roof with less than ten years of service, meaning you only need repairs to extend the lifespan. The most definite warning signs of repair are:

  • Moisture marks on the roof and walls
  • Chipped shingles
  • Interior leaks

How to know when to replace the roof


Nothing lasts forever, meaning the roof also has an expiration date. The lifespan of the roof depends on the material and weather conditions. Wood shingles will ultimately lose their luster and dependability faster than heavy-duty metal shingles, therefore require earlier replacement.

Non-compliancy with building codes

Sometimes, the new roof is a mandatory requirement by the local building laws. An example is you could run into legal problems if you use more than two layers of shingles. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the roof to prevent these complications, especially when you plan to sell the property for a good resale value.

Overwhelming damage

In some circumstances, the roof is too damaged for a simple repair. The rule of thumb is that repairs can only remedy 30% of all damages. Any amount of damage beyond the average threshold must get a complete replacement.

Situations that require complete roof replacement include natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados. Unfortunately, the roof is unlikely to survive the massive structural damage; hence you need an overhaul of the entire roofing with storm damage roof repair.

After a temporary repair job

Any repair work is seemingly a temporary bandage to an aging or deteriorating roof. Unfortunately, some repairs are only a band-aid until you can afford the cost of replacing the roof or return from vacation.

The professional roofing specialist at Lake Erie Roofing will assess your roof and recommend between roofing repair in Fort Lauderdale and replacement. Contact FL (305-799-8827) / OH (440-463-2419) for more information, or book an appointment online for free roof inspections in Ft Lauderdale.

Roofing Repair Fort Lauderdale

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Roofing Repair Fort Lauderdale

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