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At Little City Roofing you will not only get roofing installation and maintenance services but we also provide impeccable roofing repair services. Whether years of wear and tear or a sudden storm has damaged the roof of your residential or commercial building, we have solutions for all. Our roofing experts have extensive knowledge and skills which enable them to immediately diagnose the issue and present you with the best solutions possible. We are providing these impeccable roofing repair services in both Reno Nevada, and Spark, Nevada.

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Leaky Roofs

If the roof of your house or building is leaking, it can be due to old age or some damage. The small leakage of the roof can lead to big roof problems, that can cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, make sure to contact us immediately when leakage starts. Our experts will determine the cause behind the issue and fix your roof, stopping the leakage from it.


The loose and damaged Shingles can jeopardize the look and strength of the roof. It can also lead to the problem of wood underlayment. But you don't need to worry, as our roofing experts will fix it for you. They will repair the Shingles if possible. But if Shingles can't be repaired, then they will replace the damaged shingles with new ones, to make your roof perfect.


If you think your roof wood has started to rot, it means you need a repair service from us. When wood will rot, it will become a danger for everything that is relying upon it. Therefore, we will immediately replace the rotting wood with a strong and fresh one.

Collapsed Roof

If the roof of the house of your business building has collapsed suddenly, don't panic. Make sure to call us immediately. We will send our team as soon as possible who will fix the roof and make sure you don't face such a problem ever again. They will determine why the roof collapsed and will fix that issue permanently.

Leaking Flash and Chimneys

If there are water leakages in Flash, Chimney, or pipe collars, then it is important to take professional help to fix them. These leakages can affect the structure of your roof, damaging it internally, and rotting its interior. But don't worry, we will fix the leakage issues immediately saving you from any big roofing problem

Sudden Storm Damage

Sometimes, your roof can get suddenly damaged due to strong wind storms. Maybe its fascia gets detached from your home. In this case, make sure to contact us immediately, we will assess the damage, and repair the roof, leaving it in perfect condition.



At Little City Roofing you will also get a lot of other roofing repair services. Just make sure to contact us no matter what is the problem with the roof, and our professional roofing contractors will fix everything for you. They know how to deal with different types of roofs and how to tackle different types of issues.

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